Welcome to Leeway Software Design and iOS apps for CitSci.org

Colorado State University in general and NREL (Natural Resource and Ecology Lab) in particular are world leaders in enabling Citizen Science. Leeway Software Design is a proud supporter of the Citizen Science program at NREL by providing iOS (iPhone) apps that function in conjunction with NREL's Citizen Science web site (CitSci.org).

The Leeway Software Design iOS apps directly associated with NREL are CitSciMobile and IBISAOI. Both of these apps work in conjunction with the NREL IBIS web sites to augment the citizen science process of gathering information and transmitting that information to IBIS web sites. CitSciMobile helps the user gather data in accordance with projects and data sheets that are the nucleus of the CitSci.org web site. IBISAOI helps the user map out Areas Of Interest (AOI) and transmiting that map information to the IBIS web sites. The focus of these apps is to help the user easily gather accurate information so that it can be shared with others through the web sites.

Other Leeway Apps:

CitSciMobile Data collection app for CitSci.org
My Watershed Data collection app for LWOG
CDRepeat Interval training count down app
Leeway Shuffle Select (iOS) iOS Music Player
Leeway Shuffle Select (OS X) OS X Music Player
SwimTracker Track Swim Workout Metrics
AmortizeAtwell Amortization Calculator
yacdp Yet Another Count Down Program


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