Get Involved

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Join Earthwatch in a one-day expedition, track the growth of trees, and help scientists and managers understand the health of our city trees.

Street trees are a vital part of the urban landscape. This urban forest not only beautifies our yards and sidewalks but also shades our homes and streets, captures pollution, mitigates climate change, and even improves physical and psychological health. But city trees face many threats which the Urban Forest Program, with your help, is trying to understand. We need your help to learn more so that scientists, city planners, and arborists can manage a healthier urban forest.

How you can take part:

  1. Sign-up for a one-day expedition
  2. Download the My Tree Tracker app
  3. Visit our Tools page to learn more about our method for tracking city trees
  4. Contribute to our knowledge of urban trees

One-day expeditions are taking place in Cambridge, Massachusetts on June 7, July 19, July 31, August 2, September 6, and October 11.

The data you collect will help scientists answer questions like: “Do some species grow faster?” and “Are some species dying faster?” (some pests and diseases only affect certain species) This knowledge will help local managers and arborists plant trees with the best chance of surviving to become healthy mature trees.

Do you have a group (class of students, girl or boy scouts, or other community group) who would like to get involved? Contact Gitte Venicx at