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Thank you for your interest in My Tree Tracker a special initiative of Earthwatch Institute! You can sign up to join a tree tracking expedition online. Most answers to questions about making observations can be found on our Resources page.

The schedule an event for your group (class of students, girl or boy scouts, or other community groups) or with other question, call or email us.

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Project Staff

Gitte Venicx is the urban forest program manager for Earthwatch. In this role she develops relationships with local managers, non-profits, scientists, arborists, educators, and community groups to build the Urban Forest Program around the US. She is also a member of the Public Planting Committee in Cambridge. Gitte studied environmental science at Boston University, where she developed a strong interest in human impacts on the environment. She enjoys providing people with the opportunity for hands-on science experiences, and helping them to bring what they've learned back to their everyday lives.

Dr. Vanessa Boukili is the urban forest scientist for Earthwatch. Vanessa leads tree tracking expeditions in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also analyzes the data collected by volunteers to understand what factors influence the growth and survivorship of urban trees. Vanessa received a PhD in ecology from the University of Connecticut, where she studied the restoration and natural regrowth of tropical forests in Costa Rica. She has also worked on ecological research projects in California and Panama. Vanessa is excited to improve our understanding of how trees respond to the stresses of the urban environment, and to encourage everyone to better appreciate the nature that is all around them.